Saturday, November 17, 2007

No, but really. You're not cool, Doug Smith.

From the same article,

Garbajosa, who goes through life with a substantial level of bemusement about everything, wasn't buying into the whole retribution for benching; watch me, I can still play storyline that would have been so easy to develop.

Doug Smith doesn't play up ridiculous grudge stories like those hack sports writers who lack the beat gruntness to resist inventing epic drama out of regular season games. Never caught passing chips out on shoulders. Mole hills stay away from mountains.

From his blog last week:

Think Jose and Garbo won’t have a bit of an edge to them tonight when they see Utah’s Andrei Kirilenko.

It was back in September in Madrid when Calderon and Garbo were poised to be the darlings of their nation, ready to win the European basketball championships before an adoring home crowd.

Then Kirilenko and Russia pull a huge upset in the final and Spain finishes second.


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