Monday, November 19, 2007

Dave > Doug

Dave Feschuck sums up what we are all feeling:

We understand the NBA's practice-time limitations. We understand Mitchell is the coach of the year. But that year is over. And this season could pose some problems for the Raptors if they don't adjust.

Nobody's calling for an overhaul. What the Raptors do is fundamentally sound and tough to stop.

But it might not hurt to make the opposing scouts work for a living. It might be a decent idea to run something other than the high screen and roll, the two-man bread-and-butter play that has become more like bread and water, as monotonous as a prison sentence.

An offensive tweak that gets the other three guys on the floor in motion wouldn't be a bad idea. Talking to hoopwise types around the league, you get the sense that the Raptors are being dismissed as easy to peg. And maybe you hear whispers that Mitchell is occasionally too stubborn to change.

Going .500 through the first 10 games is neither a disaster nor a triumph. The season's still an open page. But it's up to Mitchell and his staff to write a chapter that everyone in the league isn't expecting.


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