Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An apples to morons comparison

Damien Cox thought "SpyGate" was no big deal. He also thinks the tiff between Darcy Tucker and Sean Avery is no big deal.

First it was Bill Belichick and SpyGate. I understood that he was breaking rules; I just also understood that stealing the other guy's signals was what every team was trying to do on a regular basis.

Or why would they need secret signals?

Not with secret cameras, they don't. And if they do, they should be found and penalized. NOT having secret cameras is not the same as forcing Tom Brady to yell "I'm passing it to Randy!"

Now everybody's up in arms about Sean Avery after Saturday night's Rangers-Leafs game, and to be sure, this is a juicy story.

But outrage? I don't think so.

Peel away all the rhetoric and here's what you have: two guys pushed and shoved during the pre-game warmup, said nasty things to each other and then fought during the first period.

Big deal.

I agree with you completely! I'm not exactly sure who is outraged but if there are such people, they're dumb dumbs. You can lip read enough disgusting trash talking in the NHL to make Andrew Dice Clay blush. In a league where dudes get carried out on stretchers nightly, the talk is going to turn to nationality, race, disease and things you can but shouldn't do to grandmothers. The story is juicy because hockey fans love violent drama and because hockey has been so goddam boring save the huge, dirty hits.

There are 6 more paragraphs trying to analogize a covert cheating story and a name-calling during a fight story, to no avail. But good try, Coxy.


zgall1 said...

Some people suggested the fight was a big deal because Avery made some reference to Jason Blake having cancer. If this is true, there might be something to the story. However, you have to mention the fact in order to have it at your disposal.

DaBittaUrb said...

If it is true, then yeah, it is pretty low. And the Zidane comparison works better. But the whole premise of 'cheating = bad, 'trash talking = bad' therefore 'cheating = trash talking' is just lazy contextualizing.