Monday, November 12, 2007

Fuck you Peter Gammons - I love my garage!

This is what we call a contrast post. It contrasts beautifully with the one below it. Here is how not to write a human interest story.

Want to know about winners? Pedroia gave up his scholarship at Arizona State to free up money to sign a much-needed pitcher, so when the Sun Devils reached the College World Series, coaches and players had "DP" on their caps in honor of their leader who never got to Omaha. The sabermetrics guys in their garages never understand these things.

Dustin Pedroia made an honourable decision here and he deserves to be commended for it. However, what the fuck is up with that last line? What is there to understand? Since I have a guess, I will make that guess and then analyze the position Mr. Gammons has taken. Petey is stating that having Dustin Pedroia on your team is a huge boost because he is a "good guy". Clearly, his excellent behaviour is worth at least 10 wins per season (which contrasts with Manny Ramirez whose lack of hustle and misinterpreted comments cost the team at least 12 wins). But you know why else Dustin Pedroia is a good guy to have on your team? Because the guy plays one of the most difficult positions in baseball very well and had a 112 OPS+ in his rookie season. He also made a whopping $380,000. End of argument.

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DaBittaUrb said...

Sabermetrics -> math -> nerds -> steve jobs/bill gates -> start personal computing empires from their garages

Is that right? I feel like we're naming fraternity pledges.

Peter Gammon -> tool -> hammer -> hammerhead shark -> ocean -> salt

Peter Gammon, I hereby proclaim you Brother Salty