Monday, November 12, 2007

From the department of hypothetical good things Pinball Clemons might do

Should we change the name of this blog to Fire Damien Cox already?

From his The Spin blog (also, if you haven't yet, read the description of the blog)

Cox inexplicably pleads with Mike Clemons to stay in Toronto (was he leaving?) and demonstrating Clemons' goodguyness by postulating that had Pinball been the Minnesota Vikings' coach, he not only would have gave Troy Williamson a pass to go to his grandmother's funeral, he would have helped him plan it!

I guess when you read a story like this one about the Vikings, a franchise that has disgraced itself repeatedly in recent years, you understand that having a real man, a man who has his priorities straight, is an incredible treasure for GTA sporting scene.

Interesting to note, if Clemons was in a prize fight against Evander Holyfield, instead of biting Mr. Holyfield's ear off he would bake him cookies and rotate his tires.

Update: I had to add the description since it is too good.

Damien Cox, the Star's hockey columnist and associate sports editor takes turns stirring up trouble and chuckling at the foibles of the sporting world. He'll start with hockey, Canada's ongoing passion play, and stick his nose into a few other games and places where athletes reside. You'll love some of his thoughts, hate others and get a chance to give your two cents on all of them.

I want Damien's nose deep in basketball. And bowling.

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