Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to feed an insatiable media appetite for a mediocre team

The front page of the sports section in the Sun today is dedicated to Leafs' rookie Jiri Tlusty's little photoshoot. We've had the violence, so I guess the nudity story was inevitable. (4 points for the copy editor for finding an apt rhyme for "Tlusty "in a headline)

Now, if I'm going to be reading about leaked nude shots of a celebrity, it better be Natalie Portman or the chick from Smallville - but that's not really why I'm posting this.

Check out this tasty nugget from reporter (and in Full House terms, giant "nerd bomber") Steve Simmons:

The Tlusty story is just the most recent example of youth tripping over technology and celebrity all at the same time. This has happened with people more famous, like Paris Hilton, and less famous, like the Saugeen stripper a few years back at the University of Western Ontario.

Ahh. 2 years out and my girl can still make headlines, in the sports section no less. I wonder how many times Simmons reviewed the Saugeen photos before including the mention. Though that raises the question: how many times has he reviewed the Tlusty pics?

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