Friday, November 23, 2007

Mail Brog!

Q: Have you noticed that Sam frequently will call a timeout and not sub anyone in, only to bring in a sub about 5 seconds or so after the play starts back up?

Any rationale you can think of for that one?

Richard Niman

A: If I could think like Sam Mitchell, I'd be making four mil a year and ripping on beat grunts every day. But I'll give it a shot.

You heard it hear first. Doug Smith covets Sam Mitchell's mind.

Sometimes if there's a timeout called to address a particularly bone-headed play -- which is sometimes the case -- Mitchell (and other coaches) will do their ripping in the huddle and instead of showing up the perpetrator in front of 19,000 fans by immediately hooking him from the game, he'll let him go back out there for a possession or two to try and redeem himself. It's all part of the psychological aspects of coaching pro athletes.

Or maybe he just forgets what he wants to do.

Or maybe he's awful/stupid.

I dunno for sure.

You're definitely awful/stupid.

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