Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's snowing out now and I blame Doug Smith

Let's start with this gem from the blog:

Oh yeah, Mitchell 1, Iavaroni 0

I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would so shamelessly defend Sam Mitchell for his numerous poor decisions this year and attack every one of his many detractors unless you really liked the guy personally and depended on him liking you so that you could get a good quote. Well, at least I can't think of anyone who might fit into that category because that is a bad category for a journalist to be in.

On to our regularly-scheduled stuff. No pap. No drivel. We're going for insight today.


Hey, stats freaks

Okay all you number crunchers out there, you know who you are. The dudes who think I’m a dinosaur ‘cause I haven’t bought into the plus-minus nonsense that’s all the rave.

Jose Calderon was a zero in Memphis, Darrick Martin was plus-6. That mean DMart wins the game for them.

Didn’t think so.

Hey Doug McSnarkerson. You are an idiot. No "stat freak" with half a brain would a) judge a player based on one game and b) use a stat as stupid as plus-minus. Do not transfer your poor logical thinking skills to us. Also, you are a dinosaur. You are fat and old and you will soon be extinct.

Q: My friend and I had a heated debate. Which former Raptor was the better player, Nate Huffman or Rafael Araujo.

Mike Yung, Hong Kong

A: That’s easy. Nate Huffman was better for the Raptors. All he cost them was money. Haffa cost them Andre Iguodala.

Ya because Rob Babcock certainly would have been smart enough to get Igoudala had Araujo not been in the running.

Everyone’s off today, the entire league, for Thanksgiving down there. (Why they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like normal people do in October, I’ll never understand). Not a bad idea, though. Even if it means a dark night of TV. Wonder what zany reality show I can catch up on.

Why do you try and convince us that you are the folksiest guy on the entire planet? How does that image benefit the mighty beat grunt? I can't take your awful writing anymore. I am making it my life goal to replace you so that I don't have to read your wretched columns anymore.

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