Friday, December 21, 2007

This blog is a Catch-22

Because if we read Doug Smith, we are punished intellectually and spiritually yet if we don't read it, we have to spend more time doing the jobs we're paid to do (and that's no fun).

Martin's play as Calderon's backup belies his contribution as a de facto assistant coach and third-stringer when both Calderon and Ford are available. And with coach Sam Mitchell reluctant to use Juan Dixon as a backup point guard, there may come a time when they need Martin to step aside.

His logic is this: If Ford remains injured, the Raptors might have to drop Darrick Martin and sign someone who can play more than 6 minutes a game without injections of Pepto Bismol and Metamucil.

First of all, the role of the 3rd point guard on any team is that he becomes the 2nd point guard if one of the first two cannot fulfill their duties. In that sense, Darrick Martin could be considered our 5th point guard.

Secondly, while it may be true that with a healthy Ford and Calderon, Darrick Martin plays less, and his terrible-ness is exposed less, but how is that good for anyone except an ambitionless Darrick Martin.

See, there is a way out for ol' Coach Dar. Play well. You don't have to be the second coming of John Stockton, but you could be a dependable back up point guard for a few months.

How about his de facto assistant coaching aka looking pimp in a suit and handing out fundamentally sound high-fives belying his contracted obligation to play fucking basketball for us at a competent level.

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