Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Winners: They Win

From a full on slurpfest at NetsDaily discussing why Devin Harris will be the point guard laureate of Brooklyn:

And there’s one other thing that Nets fans should consider: Harris is a winner. Every team he has played with has won…and big. At Wauwatosa East High School in Wisconsin, at the University of Wisconsin, in Dallas, his teams have succeeded, in some cases surprisingly so. There’s not a lot of point guards who can say they helped take a team to the NBA Finals…at the age of 23. Harris did. Parker did. Wade did.

Because, you know, most NBA players got picked last in pick up ball, toiled on last place high school teams and fought to stay above .500 playing Div-3 college hoops. Let's not forget that Devin Harris was a back up to Jason Terry in their Finals run. Beno Udrih has two rings and he's 25 - must be a winner too. Harris is an outstanding guard, no doubt, but save the "winner" shit for Derek Jeter columns.


bobbo said...

Oooh, you sound hurt.

You might want to quote some of the skepticism in that article (MY article) next time, junior.

Everything I wrote was true.

By the way, some of your post was not in English. Since you may be a Canadian, you are forgiven, but only this time.

You may continue eating snow.

Adam said...

Thanks, NetsDaily mascot, for the diction criticism. Y'all gots da English language down in the U.S. of A.

New Jersey is where New Yorkers dump their garbage, correct?

Queue the Bon Jovi power ballad.