Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did Matt Bonner get a $4 Chinatown haircut too?

From the beat glog:

Zany times for Matt

Ran into Matt Bonner in the hall before the game, after he glad-handed about everyone in the joint, and he was a tad frenzied. Seems family in Boston and friends in Toronto on a back-to-back just wore him out.

"(Sunday) I forgot to get my ankles taped I was so busy,” he said. “I’m not forgetting tonight. Now, I came out here to do something, what was it? I don’t remember. This is too much.”

Someone get the Rouge Rocket some Adderoll.

But he did have something to look forward to. Spurs stayed the night after the game and Matt, who throws around nickles like they were manhole covers as they used to say, was off to a downtown eatery because he’d kept a couple of gift certificates he got from the radio dudes.

And by downtown eatery he means Mr. Sub.

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