Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chances 3rd seed or worse in the Eastern Conference could beat any playoff team in the West?

From Deep in Grange Country:

Is there any point having the Eastern Conference playoffs? Like, if the Spurs are the sixth-place team in the West, I mean, why bother. They just looked big, tough and determined last night, and that’s without Tony Parker running around and screwing opposing defences. I think the East should have a four-team round-robin tournament with the winner getting a spot in the Western conference playoffs. I can see a healthy Boston being in the conversation, and Detroit. Maybe Cleveland and only because of LeBron. But Orlando? Toronto? Washington? Can they really be taken seriously?


EDIT: Jason Kidd was just traded to the Mavs. The first round of the Western Conference playoffs will be more exciting than the Eastern Conference Finals. I love this game.

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