Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teams as stocks

In this fantastic mid-season analysis of all 30 NBA teams, Jack McCallum has decided to use stock prices and their change in value as a rating tool. I swear!

Here is one:

Price at beginning of season: $5
Current price: 50 cents
Analysis: Immature workforce in need of veteran stability, but vets reportedly tuning out management. Company headquarters due to be moved. Patient investors can look to maturation of prime asset Durant.

So he picks an almost arbitrary starting price and current price and then uses it as an attempt at humour? Because if it's not supposed to be funny, then I really don't get it. Is this it supposed to actually represent an analytical tool? If you can figure it out, please let me know.


In my haste to get this posted, I missed something incredibly obvious. The analysis section is even worse than the stock prices. Plus, this is my new favorite.

Dallas Mavericks (MAV)

Price at beginning of season: $55
Current price: $54.50
Analysis: As if old competitors weren't enough, company didn't anticipate new regional battle with NOH. But if young quarterbacking (Harris) doesn't fade and Dax Index (Nowitzki) stays strong, Cubanists could flourish.

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Adam said...

Chicago Bulls (CHI)

Price at beginning of season: $50
Current price: $10
Analysis: Much stronger leadership needed from someone on workforce not named Noah. One of few consistent assets, Nocioni, may be dealt. This is no Bulls market but might be wise not to unload it yet.

This is no Bulls market?? Was that a pun? How did this happen in SI? It's not observant, it's not witty, it's certainly not funny. It's nothing.