Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maybe John Stockton circa 1997 is available

I could comment on Doug Smith's ideas of who the Raptors might want to look at as a point guard, but Raptors HQ has beaten me to the punch.

Once you've recovered from your laughing fit from thinking the Raptors might go after Sam Cassell or Damon Stoudamire, consider this:

There are probably 300 marginal NBA, NBDL, CBA, Euroleague, or Harlem Globetrotters who could play the position of point guard better than Juan Dixon or Derrick Martin. Doug Smith made a joke about some of our 10 day contracts in the past but I would take Derrick Dial in a second over Derrick Martin. Fuck, will someone call Rod Strickland already?

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