Monday, March 16, 2009

A grunt you can believe in

Now, before any of you get too worked up, he’s [Marc Iavaroni] here to be an observer, won’t be on the bench or anything this year and is not – I repeat IS NOT – going to be the next head coach of the Raptors.

Just because The Doug said something definitive about anything, I'm going to have to assume that Marc Iavaroni is now the front-runner to be the Raptors next head coach. While I'm not in the mood to look up old "the Raptors are taking a serious look at Travis Best" columns, you'll have to trust me that Doug's certainties are proof of concept for the kind of insider aggrandizing that makes grunts grunts and us non-grunts. Here's hoping he returns to more familiar ground -- wild speculation peppered with hokey, colloquial blue-skying.

[further down the post]

Can you envision Jay with Iavaroni as his lead assistant? I can. And I’m pretty sure there are people in the organization who can.

[further still]

Well, a wise man or two suggested that maybe they make a call to P.J. Carlisemo.

Great assistant, history of winning, probably done as a head coaching prospect after three shots at it, familiar with Jay from the summer Olympic team gigs, familiar with Bryan from the same thing.

Make sense?

A bit, you have to admit.

Ahh. That's the good shit.

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