Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Bryan Colangelo Autopsy

As news breaks that the Colangelos are reunited to bring the Philadelphia 76ers to end times, I thought it prudent to gather together all of 'The BC Autopsy' posts from 2013, my look at the track record of the worstiest (not a word but... a word) GM to ever afflict the Toronto Raptors (Rob Babcock, eat your heart out).

  1. The BC Autopsy: (05-06 &) 06-07
  2. The BC Autopsy: 2007 Interlude -- Do you remember this NBA?
  3. The BC Autopsy: 07-08. Sh*t'll be comin' round the mountain
  4. The BC Autopsy: Mike James Interlude
  5. The BC Autopsy: 08-09: Got these contracts hangin' round our necks
  6. The BC Autopsy: 09-10 - Draft, extend, repeat
  7. The BC Autopsy: Chris Bosh Interlude
  8. The BC Autopsy 10-11: Talents Taken
  9. The BC Autopsy 11-12: Look Out, it’s the Lockout
  10. The BC Autopsy 12-13: Being There
He's your toolface now, Sixers.

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