Monday, April 14, 2008

Which what way, Doug Smith?

Grog content:

Regression in progress

If that wasn’t the worst game Andrea Bargnani’s played in a long, long time, I can’t remember which was.

And by regression, we think he means Bargnani's performances not his own ability to construct a sentence.

Some more:

No, I’m not ready to trade him for Andrew Bogut or LaMarcus Aldridge or anyone but whatever funk the kid’s in took entire control of his body yesterday.

Bogut: 14 and 10 this year with almost 2 blocks, .505 eFG%., 15 win shares.
Aldridge: 18 and 7, .486 eFG%, 19 win shares

Bargnani: 10 with under 4 rebounds a game, .451 eFG%, 4 win shares. He's a scoring (read: no defence) centre who can't hit shots more efficiently than Damon Jones' worst season in the league. How funky is that? Make your case, Smith.

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